Official Opening of plateform 3PE.

The 18th of march 2019, the plateform 3PE, the first tool for Automotive & Electromobility Campus, was inaugurate.


Automotive & Electromobility Campus


It is supported by the association CARA – European Cluster for Mobility Solutions and the Local Education Autority of Lyon. This campus is aiming for prepare all profesionnal whose compagnies needs for manage, design and operate the vehicles of tomorrow.

The objectifs of the campus are :

  • Make profession and training more attractive
  • Develop educational engineering in line with technological developments and business needs.
  • Promote innovatives and collaboratives practices
  • Create an identity and multidisciplinary culture

More specially, the idea of this campus is to create relationships with differents organisations, in order to propose common, like 3PE plateform.



The plateform is the first tools arrangement for Automotive and Electromobility Campus. This technical plateform is an experimentation and innovation place at teaching skill’s service.

It take place at Aragon Picasso high school of Givors, within a place of 415m2. The plateform he platform consists of a course space and a workshop equipped with teaching aids and tests. Various vehicles from new concepts will be available to work on the latest technologies.In september 2018, the high school created the resident training of the 3PE platform : the Internal Combustion Engines BTS (MCI). This training aims to train experts in motorization.

As a result, it relies on partnerships such as INSA, IFSTTAR, Renault Trucks and Segula. In addition, the 3PE platform makes it possible to address new motorization technologies in order to ensure job opportunities, professional and further study for students. They will be employable by manufacturers cars. But also, by motors manufacturers, equipments manufacturers, the oil companies, the companies of studies and even by publics companies.


Finally, all graduates will be able to integrate an other formation like professional licence or famous school (INSA, ISAT, ENSAM…).  During official oppening, students realised demonstrations. Visitors were able to observe he test vehicles and all the equipment made available on the platform.