19 au 23 November 2019
Lyon, France

Biennial trade fair for road and urban transport professionals, SOLUTRANS is the hub of innovation and information on the most relevant solutions and best adapted to the evolution of the truck industry and the service of each. Exhibition of road and urban transport solutions, SOLUTRANS will welcome you, for its 15th edition, from 19 to 23 November 2019 in Lyon Eurexpo.


  • 610 exhibitors and represented companies (brands not taken into account):
    • + 30% of exhibitors versus 2015
    • + 45% new exhibitors
    • 24% of international
    • 18 countries represented
    • 48,240 visits, of which 10% are international  



CARA is a partner of this major event, and will be present through different actions:  




  • CARA stand: Discover 9 CARA members on booth 2 B 069



  • INNOVATIVE MOBILITY by CARA: Discover 35 innovation projects labeled by CARA since 2015, on booth 5 T 228:







EcoBex: Optimized Screens for Outdoor Noise


LADAGE: Laboratory of Gear Dynamics: Acoustic radiation of transmissions and Prediction of the vibroacoustic behavior of the gears


QAICAR: Indoor Air Quality in the Automotive Interior – Treatment of VOCs, Odors and Microorganisms


LITEVA: Illuminated textiles for safety integrated in the dashboard and door medallions


ABEIL: A project focusing on the modularity needed for industrial efficiency, and overall energy performance, for the design of a 12m night-charge battery, with daytime refill


EBSF2: Demonstrate the technical feasibility of automating parking procedures (movement of vehicles without drivers) and supervision software


VIRTECH: The goal of the VIRTECH project is to generate parietal acoustic pressure fields via unconventional, inexpensive and repeatable means


FALCON: A major road vehicle significantly fuel saving (-13% vs. T2020) by walling innovative concepts to be industrialized futures


BOM-ZE: 16t Electric Demonstration Truck – “Classic Distribution”, Generic Development Group
• 16t Electric Demonstration Truck – “Fridge”, Group
• 18t Electric Demonstration Truck – BOM Garbage Can, Group
• Strategy: three demonstrators (for testing and communication)


P-PLATE: Recharging electric vehicle free hand


I2TC: Interconnections Public Transport and Technologies Cables


ESPRIT: Propose a new system based on carsharing
– Complement Public Transport in peri-urban areas by tackling the problem of the first / last kilometer.
– Reduce the modal share of individual cars
– Reduce CO2 emissions thanks to electromobility


LUTECE: Aims for a consolidated French cable – installation – high maintenance offer performance that can respond to the urban transport market around the world


TWINSWHEEL: Autonomous delivery robot


STATION’AIR: Reduce congestion of people and goods transport


MAGNUM: Dynamic modeling of travel at the metropolitan scale and the development of innovative regulation strategies based on a fine targeting of users


RED: Emerging Risks of Sustainable Mobility


E-vasion: Integrating VA into the transport system: assessing economic, energy, social, urban and environmental issues


CONCLuDE: Design of cogistics chains with a sensitive demand for environmental performance


Captatus: Physical characterization of particles emitted out of exhaust by road vehicles in the near field


COWORKWORLD: Durability of coworking


MOBUCUS: Measures thermal conductivity


RedHV+: An industrial prototype of gearbox or multiplier high speed rather directed purely electric traction


ACTIV ROAD: Active reduction of aerodynamic drag. Wake control: from the passenger vehicle to the long-haul


PROMOVAN: Innovative motorization and propulsion system for river transport


ERCTEEL: Specialized in the design, development and manufacture of clean electronic products such as converters, inverters, supercaps modules, battery chargers, embedded or stationary for the electric and urban vehicles market


ELVIS: Charging the Electric Vehicle by induction at home to replace the cable, use solar energy and the domestic water heater for storage and zero energy management


CASUAL2: Reduce: Improve energy efficiency Consumption: – 30% to 5 years.
Breathe: Improved air quality in urban areas. Reduction of the emission of CO2 and particles. -30% to 20 years.


ZE COMBI: Zero emission combination for the last mile of urban logistics


AUTOCONDUCT: Adaptation of the autonomous vehicle automation strategy (levels 3 and 4) to the condition and needs of drivers in real conditions


HYDRO SAFE TYRE: To develop numerical simulation methods (fluid-structure coupling) based on the Michelin DELI simulation code and SPH-Flow fluid code to predict the performance of TC and PL tires throughout their life and whatever the height of water


ST@T: An automation of the process of collecting information needed for maintenance tires. This collection will concern the identification of tires, their inflation pressure, their level of wear and the mileage traveled


SMARTVISION: Rearview by camera


YELLOW: Detection of vehicles entering the worksite or intervention zone with a high risk of percussion gear, equipment, men. Alert to the user on approach (light signals and / or messages via on-board navigation systems) and to the site agents


GEOTRANSMD: Define and demonstrate a communication and information system that would create a French ecosystem that meets this European demand


ELUD: Effectiveness of sustainable urban food logistics


ANNONA: Decision support for the development of sustainable urban logistics schemes




  • Stand Village Training: The development of skills is an important focus of CARA. Find the partners of the future Campus of Professions and Qualifications on booth 5 R 229.



Thursday November 21st :

  • 9:00-10:30 am: Autonomous vehicles and goods transport
  • 2:30-4:00 pm: Decryption of the LOM and impact for the transport of goods
  • 4:00-5: 30 pm: Low emission zone

Tuesday November 19th from 10:30 am to 13:00 pm and 2:30 to 5:30 pm + Wednesday November 20th  from 9:00 to 10:00 am and 3:00 to 5:30 pm:

The 35 innovation projects labeled CARA


Friday, November 22nd from 9:30 to 11:30 am:
Pitchs start up