Webinar Carnauto : Acoustic comfort of vehicles

4 july 2019


Acoustic comfort of vehicles :  characterization of vibratory sources

The 4th of july 2019 – 11:00 a.m / 11:45 a.m

Presented by Serge PUVILLAND – Head of CEVAA Experimental and Test Center



It is generally accepted that the characterization of the vibratory sources of vehicles is essential to achieve a good acoustic performance. How to proceed ? By seeking to predict and minimize vibrations and the contribution of solid noise. Today, the builders have integrated numerical methodologies allowing a complete characterization of the active components (vibratory sources) and passive (cash). However, these solutions are complex and expensive.

This webinar presents a simplified, more economical methodology, by the realization of a hybrid test / calculation model. The aim is to link simple models and thus optimize the design of the components, decoupling pads and the reception structure in relation to the vibratory and acoustic performance.


Programm :

  • Context
  • Simplified method : hybride model test and calcul
  • Application to a motorized seat


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