Anticipating and developing

the solutions of the future


Innovation is the answer to the new complex challenges involved with the mobility and transport of passengers and freight. These require planning ahead and overcoming a variety of obstacles, whether technological, regulatory or socio-economic. It is from collective intelligence and the combination of a wide range of skills that the solutions for mobility and urban transport of the future will emerge.

To meet the challenges of transporting passengers and freight in urban environments, CARA relies on the expertise of its Programme Directors and structures its actions around its 5 research programmes, namely Motorisation and the Drive Chain, Safety and Security, Vehicle Architecture, Intelligent Transport Systems and Modelling and Managing Mobility. As part of its innovation mission, CARA supports its members, private and public research centres, manufacturers, institutions and partners from the genesis of ideas to implementing their innovation.  CARA stimulates the collective intelligence of its members throughout the innovation process, forming a production line for the association’s innovative projects, products and services.

CARA innovation has the following objectives:

  • To identify and inform its members of vectors of innovation and calls for tenders,
  • To bring together the right skills and partners for its network’s collaborative innovation work,
  • To ensure its members benefit from the feedback and expertise of its network,
  • To guarantee the quality of projects responding to calls for tenders, via the “Cara label”,
  • To promote the projects and success stories of its members, so that they become benchmarks and sources of inspiration outside of the CARA ecosystem.
  • To encourage demonstrations and assessments in real-life situations.


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