Ad-Venta the specialist in on-board hydrogen storage systems

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Ad-Venta is a young and innovative company specialising in the application of gases under pressure. With over 40 years of experience in the field, Ad-Venta has provided its customers with turnkey solutions in the areas of
– Small, cost effective, safe, simple and reliable pressure regulators and regulators
– Integrated fluidic devices
– Mechanical integration of fluidic functions

Today, Ad-Venta has focused its development plan on components and systems for hydrogen energy applications.

Ad-Venta has a portfolio of patents and know-how that is regularly expanded.

Ad-Venta designs and manufactures quality products within a rigorous framework. We use the latest technologies, but combine them with our creativity, which guides us through the design and production process.

Ad-Venta works with a network of subcontractors, specialists and experts, all of whom are highly competent in their respective fields.

Although based in the south-east of France, Ad-Venta works worldwide across a wide range of clients and application sectors.

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