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Founded by Joseph Besset in 1910, the company is at the origin of the ISOBLOC cars that were built more than 2000 copies between 1938 and 1959.

Subsequently, BESSET became SACA, which was acquired six years later by SAVIEM and merged with BERLIET in 1978 to become RVI, the ancestor of IRIBUS.

The heirs of the founder keep the activity of maintenance of the coaches and buses that they transfer to Lyon under the name of bodywork Besset.

1998: the modernized company is transferred to Villeurbanne on a plot of 12000 m2
2004: the site of Goussainville is created from scratch on a plot of 12000 m²
Taken over in 2008 by Benoit LELEU, the Besset Group is a human-sized SME with 80 employees that develops a strong policy of services, quality assurance and sustainable development.
2011: a new b7bus is created in Ile De France, Iveco Bus dealer and Heuliez Bus
2015 – February – Besset acquires the Bustronic company specialized in S.A.E and integration of complex car & bus embedded systems
2015: – May – Besset obtains ISO 9001 certification for the whole group