Modelity reveals the human, economic and environmental potential of corporate mobility

  • Active Mobility
Corporate mobility is a complex subject that touches on regulations (Low Emission Zone, Mandatory Annual Negotiations), HR (talent retention, employer brand, quality of life at work), CSR and also real estate strategy.

It is therefore essential to master the subject and anticipate the risks.

To this end, Modelity has developed innovative modeling tools to build a mobility policy that is consistent with the company’s objectives.

Based on the HR file, we develop scenarios for new forms of mobility (cycling, public transport, carpooling), new work organizations (telecommuting, staggered working hours) or new workplaces (coworking, relocation, internal transfers).

For each scenario, we individually evaluate the most relevant policy from an economic, human and environmental point of view.

In this way, we build an effective roadmap with reliable and achievable objectives in the context of your company.

This diagnostic phase then allows us to implement correctly sized and targeted actions (bicycle fleet, parking management, carpooling, sustainable mobility package, etc.)

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