SERINOX, more than 50 years of metal experience

  • Ferroviaire
Specialists in the processing of stainless steel, steel and aluminium from sheet and tubular products since 1957, we are a subsidiary of the FLP group since 2006.

Located in Thiers and with more than 70 experienced employees, we have a wide range of jobs: 2D & 3D laser, bending, stamping (mechanical and hydraulic presses from 40 to 630 tons), bending (up to Ø100 ep2), manual and robotic welding, polishing and mounting.

Established and recognized in the railway sector, we consolidate and diversify our activity by extending our expertise to other promising sectors: urban planning and urban furniture, building equipment, laser flash and passenger transport.

Our specific approach (study, needs analysis, tools) combined with our various customer support experiences (technical assistance or design) allows us to continuously innovate, create new products and diversify the SERINOX offer year after year.