CARA presentation

The performance of transportation systems will be decisive in the years to come, both to ensure competitive and sustainable economic development and to reduce the impact of mobility on the environment. In this context, CARA supports its members.

Our initiatives focus on innovation in passengers and goods transport systems: vehicle development, new transport organizations, ITS, mobility services, autonomous vehicles, energy mix, flow management, safety, decision support tools, etc.

CARA Cluster

The European Cluster for mobility solutions, French cluster based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, comprises 430 members, including manufacturers, transport operators, universities, research and education centers. CARA also represents the PFA Automotive Industry and Mobilities.

Aiming to be the leading French cluster in Europe, CARA supports the transformation of passengers and goods transport systems. And works on 6 sectors:

Industry committees

CARA On Rail

CARA has four commissions: Automotive, Trucks & Bus, On Rail and Active Mobility. The aim of these committees is to :

  • Report on the specific needs of companies in each sector
  • Feed the CARA action programme throughout the year
  • Provide input to the management team for the development of the N+1 action plan
  • Inform companies of CARA actions and news
  • Identify links between sectors and identify joint actions

CARA axes

From the drawing board through to market launch, CARA implements collective actions: research and innovation projects, pilots in real life situation, and measures for the economic and industrial development of its members.

Competitiveness clusters

A competitiveness cluster is a network of companies, research and training units, and public bodies working together on a more or less vast scale, which can go as far as the region, and approved by the State. A competitiveness cluster focuses on a specific theme or area of activity considered to be promising for the future, such as aerospace, agriculture or mobility and transport.

In 2020, there were 55 competitiveness clusters in France, including 4 focusing on mobility and transport.