Strategic intelligence

Understand the evolutions of the sectors with CARA newsletters.

CARA gathers and sends you strategic information to help you understand the changes under way in our industry sectors in relation to various subjects. We offer four differents monitoring services: the monitoring bulletin, the European monitoring service, the monitoring service for calls for projects and the International monitoring service.

Strategic intelligence reports

Our general market watch gathers information on all of the focus areas covered by CARA, more specifically in relation to research programmes, markets, French and European calls for projects, information about legal, economic and European affairs, and landmark events in France or abroad that we have spotted for you.

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Contact Maud Terrasse, Project Manager

Maud Terrasse

Benefit from sector-specific information, stay up to date with the latest news, appear at the heart of the target market, and have a particular interest in projects related to hydrogen and electromobility.

Flozen, CARA network member’s since 2014

Europe Newsletter

Our newsletter comes out every month. Targeted monitoring of Europe affairs, where you will find the latest calls for projects, explained in clear, precise terms, the latest European policy and regulatory developments, news about the network and upcoming events with a European focus.

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Contact Jean-Baptiste HAHN, European Officer

Jean-Baptiste Hahn
Visuel Veille

Monitoring of calls for projects

CARA collates all calls for projects, calls for expressions of interest, competitive bidding projects that concern the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, as well as national projects.

The idea is to help project owners find financing and new partners to develop their projects.

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Contact Guillaume PENUELA, Innovation & Territorial Animation mission manager

Guillaume Penuela

International Newsletter

An international newsletter, launched in February 2021, will keep you informed of all international news related to the 6 CARA sectors. It will enable you to find out about companies wishing to develop partnerships.

Does your organization have an appetite for international business?

This watch will be a real strategic lever for the success of your international development!

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Contact Saad OUSSOULOUS, International Business Development Assistant

Saad Oussoulous