CARA has a rich network of business expertise recognized at the local, national and international levels, but also a reference label

CARA is a rich network of expertise on mobility issues in the broad sense Technical and line-of-business expertise recognised at local, national and international levels

Our innovation team accompanies project leaders throughout the labeling process.

During this process, project leaders are auditioned by CARA’s scientific and technical committee.

This committee includes industrial and institutional experts, academic researchers and funders.

They represent the key competencies in the field of transport, mobility and vehicle construction. These competencies enable the projects to be evaluated from different angles:

  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Business model & economics of transport
  • Social and societal acceptability
  • Psychology, ergonomics, cognitive science
  • Public Policy

Special-focus clubs

CARA organizes focus groups for its members.

These groups, created at the request of our members according to their needs, allow for the exchange of best practices, market information, know-how, and future development projects.

CARA created in 2018, the Marketing Club. This club allows participants to interact on marketing topics.

CARA organizes country workshops. You can then meet country experts who give you key success factors and international business opportunities. We mandate some of the network’s experts to represent CARA during international missions.


At the request of its members and partners, CARA regularly contributes its expertise in the Automobile and Mobilities sector to roundtables or events, to feed debate on the transition issues confronting the network’s enterprises.

Likewise, the nationally and globally-recognised expertise of CARA network members frequently leads them to deliver a pitch at international events, conferences and trade shows, showcasing French and regional expertise in Mobility issues.

Conferences and seminars

CARA organizes conferences in line with the needs identified by the sectors or at the request of CARA network members.

These events can take place in 2 stages:

  • Intervention of experts
  • Testimonials from network members
Photo de conférence CARA