Un réseau dynamique & impliqué

To support your business operations, CARA puts you in contact with french, european and international partners, territories and financial backers.

Our networking events

This networking is organized around different events, such as :

  • Bilateral meetings: introductions to network members
  • CARA meetings: organised visits to members’ premises in order to present their business operations along with the complementary activity of another network member
  • CARApero are casual gatherings for networking over drink
  • Topical days with interventions, pitch and networking
  • And there are many other networking events, such as the think tanks, seminars and other events

Networking with various actors

To support you in your activities, CARA link your organization with :

  • French or European partners to develop your collaborative projects, your business or simply share best practices . This partners could be industrial partners, transport operators or academic stakeholders.
  • Regions that may be interested in testing your projects and solutions​. These territories may be interested in testing your solutions, your products, your services.
  • Financial backers capable of supporting your projects​. CARA operated the AURATRANS 2020 call for projects on behalf of ADEME.
Networking actions by CARA

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