Meeting the challenges of future mobility and transport

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You work on mobility solutions for people and goods transportation?

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CARA, the network that accompanies changes in transport systems

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Our services

  • Brainstorming

    CARA solicits collective intelligence to imagine innovative solutions to the new challenges of transportation and mobility through Think Tanks and thematic working groups around 5 research programs.

  • Project guidance and support

    From project set-up to follow-up, CARA offers project expertise to support the development of its members' products, services and industrial processes.

  • Networking

    To assist you in your activities, CARA puts you in touch with French, European and international partners, territories and funders.

  • Strategic intelligence

    CARA collects and transmits strategic information to help you understand the evolution of its sectors.

  • Expertise

    CARA, a network rich in expertise, federated around our theme and our six sectors.

  • Communication and promotion

    CARA proposes various communication and promotion actions for its network and its members.

  • Training and skills

    Matching the skills needs of manufacturers with the training offered to deal with unseen transformations in the history of mobility.

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