Reinventing the mobility sector with hydrogen energy.

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  • Automobile
  • Transport fluvial
  • Truck and Bus
Our mission is to enable the development of new technologies to create a new hydrogen ecosystem.

The transport economy must be redefined and the use of new low-carbon energies must become the norm by 2030. That’s why Absolut Hydrogen is helping to define this new economy by promoting short supply chains, decentralised hydrogen production and the use of liquid hydrogen as a fuel for the mobility sector.

Absolut Hydrogen is a French industrial engineering SME based in Grenoble. Faced with the urgency of climate change, we are devising innovative solutions by building a circular, profitable, low-carbon economy. Thanks to our technological skills and know-how around hydrogen, we have all the resources needed to design complete, customised solutions.

Thanks to its expertise, Absolut Hydrogen is a key player in the hydrogen market, designing tomorrow’s innovations in a variety of fields. With extensive experience in managing liquid hydrogen for racing cars and space projects, we are able to provide effective and economically viable solutions every day.

Absolut Hydrogen benefits from all the know-how and technologies developed by Absolut System, experts in cryogenic systems.