A century of railway know-how

  • Ferroviaire
The ACC M site is over 100 years old.
This is what makes its industrial site so emblematic.
Although often called “Factory”, the ACC M site, in the heart of La Cité ferroviaire, is not home to “chain” work.
It is in fact a vast industrial and railway complex divided into areas dedicated to specific activities (renovation or transformation of trains, metros, locomotives or bogies) served by two ferries.
It is among other things this particularity that contributes to give the railway city and ACC M its vigour and agility.
Innovation and modernity
ACC M aims to develop a wide variety of customers and is aimed at the main operators of railway networks and their operators in France, Europe and the world.

ACC M has always maintained its commitment to a policy of raising the technical level of services offered to its clients.

Today, ACC M is the leading independent specialist in railway equipment, continuously developing its know-how to ensure the reliability of its production and respect for the environment.