Since its creation in 1996, Acobal has provided anti-corrosion expertise to major industrial sectors.

  • Aéronautique
  • Automobile
  • Ferroviaire
  • Off-road
  • Véhicule Industriel
ACOBAL specializes in defining corrosion control strategies and offers a wide range of products containing volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI): plastics, paper, diffusers, liquids and additives, etc.

For more than 20 years, our experts have been helping you solve your problems or organize your corrosion management strategy. Today, we advise leading companies in their market with technical expertise that allows us to respond to the most complex issues and environments. We mobilize all the necessary resources to satisfy your needs and allow you to keep a permanent control on the development of corrosion.

We strive to provide quality control throughout our production and shipping stages. To achieve these goals, we can call on motivated and expert technical teams, sophisticated analysis technology, including high-capacity climate chambers, and an efficient production process.

Our network within the ZERUST EXCOR federation allows us to operate in more than 70 countries around the world through one of the 29 joint-venture companies. This is in order to evaluate your shipments of goods or to accompany you
in implementing your corrosion control strategy directly on site.

Our experts are at your disposal.