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In a rapidly changing world, new technologies, standards and regulations are constantly emerging. It is through innovation, the ability to create value and sustainability that ARaymond dominates the global market for fastening and assembly solutions. Trusted partner, ARaymond knows how to support these developments to continue offering high-end products for the international market.

Small products, ingenuity, great added value

ARaymond innovation centres work closely with our customers around the world as well as with the advanced engineering teams of all our factories.
Our innovation specialists and engineers design assembly solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow. They draw on their experience in a variety of fields, such as connectivity and digital technology, advanced manufacturing and lightweight materials. With the support of specialized laboratories, they also use their expertise in automation, mechatronics, manufacturing technologies, simulation and new materials.

Recent developments include multi-material interfaces for composites. In addition, to facilitate the transition of customers to Industry 4.0 and IoT, our advanced development teams are studying augmented reality solutions to improve assembly processes.

Our R&D and innovation work also targets shorter-term challenges. For example, an important place is given to the development of new technical features added to existing parts. In particular, ARaymond develops Quick Connectors with integrated temperature sensors to facilitate the temperature management of motors or batteries. Another example: our innovative parts and test methods have set new OEM standards for buzzing, squeaking and clicking (BSR).