B2EBIKE offers shared mobility solutions for businesses and communities around e-bikes.

  • Mobilité Active
B2EBIKE is a French company that has been developing mobility solutions since 2016. B2EBIKE designs and assembles its e-bikes and offers a full range of shared mobility for businesses and communities with its OOWI app, charging stations, security system and related services.
These solutions are integrated into the mobility plans, the CSR policies of the companies and contribute to the health/ well-being by facilitating access to a sustainable mode of transport for the employees especially for the journeys Home-Work.
To enable all cities and communities to benefit from a self-service e-bike solution, B2EBIKE has developed OOWI and is positioning itself as an operator by offering a service based on a Public-Private partnership.
B2EBIKE has also developed VAE for the players in the delivery of the last km with bicycles with adapted components, a reinforced structure and increased autonomy.