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CENTUM T&S, ETI, headquartered in Ecully (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), represents the Consulting, Engineering and Build to Spec activities within the CENTUM group.

Of the group’s 2,000 employees, nearly 500 are part of CENTUM T&S for a turnover of €42 million ($150 million at the group level). CENTUM T&S manages the design and development activities in electronics and software, CAD, mechanics, FPGA, power electronics, reliability, operational safety for its customers in constrained and standardized fields such as automotive/industrial vehicle, rail, aerospace & defence, medical, industrial and energy.

Design, development, industrialization of electronic systems and associated software in constrained environments: Aerospace and Defense, Rail, Automotive and V.I., Medical, Industry and Energy. Consulting, Engineering and design offices (electronics, software, FPGA, CAD, mechanics, etc.). Examples of customer developments: on-board control and control unit, energy storage and conversion system, test equipment, etc.