CESI, giving all the means to become actors of transformations

“CESI, giving all the means to become actors of transformations

A network of higher education and vocational training campuses, CESI pursues its societal mission by enabling students, alternants and employees to become actors of the transformations of companies and society, through its Engineering Schools, its Graduate School of Alternance, its Management Training School and its Certification activity. In 2017, more than 22,000 learners joined the 25 campuses across France. Also based in Spain, Algeria and Cameroon, CESI is developing major education projects on behalf of international institutions.
CESI is the culture of excellence, social advancement and diversity.

CESI is an association governed by the law of 1901. Its Board of Directors is composed of representatives mandated, on the one hand, by the five trade union organizations representing employees at the executive level; and, on the management side, by the UIMM and Medef. Large companies are also represented in the governance: Airbus, Colas, Lafarge Holcim, PSA, ResoElec.

A pioneer in France in methods of active pedagogy and oriented towards innovation and technologies, CESI operates in all sectors of activity and trains the trades and skills of tomorrow in industry and services, construction and the city of the future. It also conducts research activities in its Digital Innovation Laboratory (LINEACT).

A member of HESAM University, co-founder of the Institute for Reindustrialisation and the InnovENT-E Institute, CESI participates in the public debate by publishing the Social Observatory of Enterprise every year.”