CRMT, the specialist in BioNGV and Hydrogen engines and vehicles for sustainable mobility.

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CRMT develops and markets systems for engines running on alternative fuels. CRMT projects contribute to the energy transition by providing concrete solutions to the challenges of the automotive industry.
CRMT, your partner for :

– Measurement of pollutant emissions from vehicles and machinery under real conditions of use: R&D tests, standards tests (RDE, ISC, EMNR cycles), measurement of non-regulated pollutants, technological benchmarking, comparison of vehicles and fuels.
– Engineering of alternative fuel vehicles: Diesel – Natural Gas conversion, design of engine and fuel storage systems (road and stationary applications, increased range, etc.), conversion of engines, vehicles and machines for original equipment or retrofit, for natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen, hybridisation.
– Engine and fuel cell testing: studies in test cells with natural gas and hydrogen of varying composition, using our Gas Customizer tool.