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DAM offers test and measurement solutions for the mobility of tomorrow.

  • Aéronautique
  • Automobile
  • Ferroviaire
  • Truck and Bus
Since 1987, DAM Group has been designing turnkey test and measurement solutions for the automotive, aerospace and space industries.
Its experience and expertise in instrumentation and software, electronics, automation and mechanical engineering enable DAM Group to offer state-of-the-art custom instruments and complete manufacturing and test lines.
DAM Group supports its customers from the engineering and laboratory stages through to production.

Hydraulic test benches for engine blocks, crankcases, transmissions, gearboxes and gearbox modules
Leak test bench for cylinder head, crankcase, hydrogen system and components, EDU
Fuel cell conditioning bench
Electric motor test bench
Special machine for seat guide assembly
Special bushing assembly machine
Data management, acquisition and processing
1553 Test Equipment
Qualification of communication buses

The Group has 60 employees and is located in France (Villeurbanne, Alès, Toulouse) and in China.

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