DEMS = Design & Engineering focused on the use, operation and maintenance of your products

  • Automobile
  • Ferroviaire
  • Truck and Bus
We provide solutions for the use, operation and maintenance of your vehicles, products and tools. From small to medium-sized series, we design high value-added products in harsh environments, where comfort, simplicity and safety are our priorities. You don’t think you know us? And yet, you regularly use or cross paths with the products we have designed and industrialised! With more than 110 products in the mobility, transport, industrial vehicle and machinery sectors, we support our customers in their most ambitious projects. Among them; Bolloré’s Bluebus, Haulotte’s aerial work platforms, Trigano VDL’s Combo X150 camper van or Globe3T’s E-onride electric scooter. Can’t find design and manufacturing solutions? Do you need a guaranteed design office expertise? Need a design boost to improve the perceived quality of your product? DEMS combines design and engineering to create aesthetic, functional and industrializable products. From the research of an inventive concept, to the technical and design definition of your product, right up to industrialisation, we make your project a reality.

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