Our ecosystem for your mobility!

  • Active Mobility
Flytta means “movement” in Swedish. Our day-to-day movement: bringing all our cycling skills to the service of future users. Since 2017, our 5 business lines have been giving a helping hand to many velotaffers, neo-cyclists, cyclotourists, …
We operate for low-carbon mobility and the players who support it: local authorities, professionals, distributors, tourism players. With 5 years’ experience in these fields, Flytta has raised 2.5 million euros in 2021 to structure these activities.

The Flytta Mobilités group comprises 5 entities:
– E-Bike Solutions: supply and implementation of customized bicycle services for public players (long-term rental, self-service, specific audiences, …)
– E-Bike Renting: supply, rental and support in the rental of VAEs to tourism professionals
– E-Bike Logistic: supply and leasing of bicycles to private individuals and partner companies
– E-Bike Maintenance: on-site and workshop maintenance, after-sales service
– E-Bike Occasions: reconditioning and sale of used VAEs.

With our 22-strong workforce, we operate from our historic technical hub in Vienne, and our base in Treillières, north of Nantes.