develops and markets the first operating system for bicycles

  • Active Mobility
eBikeLabs develops and markets the world’s first operating system for electric bikes.
that makes bicycles more innovative, reliable and durable.
This AI consists of core software and optional, flexible applications.
The various functionalities of the operating system enable:
● Electric assistance to adapt automatically to terrain, slope, weight, wind.
wind. The user can therefore do without using the derailleur and the different gears.
● Efficient, automatic hill-starting.
● Electric assistance without a torque sensor, but of the same quality (in terms of riding
same quality (in terms of steering feel) as electric assistance usually provided by a torque sensor
torque sensor (component sold for around €100).
● Integrated motor system diagnostics.
● A software anti-theft device based on a wheel lock, which also works if the battery is absent or discharged.
● Pedal feel parameterization, enabling the customer brand to differentiate
● Flexibility and support from the eBikeLabs team, enabling customers to co-develop
their own innovative ideas with eBikeLabs.