Urban river freight logistics

  • Fluvial
ECOFLUV is an urban river logistics company for the transport of goods, created in 2021 to operate an electric boat designed and designed especially for the city of Lyon.
This river boat, the first of its kind, was designed zero emissions to help improve air quality in the city. It is equipped with batteries powering a compact and intelligent electric propulsion system offering silent and autonomous navigation for up to 6 hours.
In addition to the main battery system, the roof of its 150 m2 covered warehouse houses solar panels whose stored energy powers the on-board services.
It is equipped with modern equipment (crane, adjustable gangway, fully hydraulic piles) allowing a wide versatility of services. Thanks to its cargo capacity of 143 tons, it integrates the multimodal transport chain to supply the city center. Its size, 27 m long and 7.5 m wide, has been adapted to measure for docking, loading and unloading on nearly 30 quays on the Rhône and Saône, which are restricted in terms of infrastructure.
In addition, it offers an exclusive wastewater recovery service to boats parked along the quays in the ZFE of Lyon Metropolis (pumping capacity of 86 m3 of black water per trip).