The Emitech Group is a major player in qualifications in the transport sector.

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The EMITECH Group is a major player in the field of testing, regardless of the type of environment to be simulated (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility, Electrical, Mechanical, Climatic and Physico-chemical, Acoustic, Fire, etc.) and regardless of the sector of activity (industry, civil, rail, automotive, aerospace, etc.). In 2019, the EMITECH Group made 45% of its sales in the automotive sector, half of which were in the POWERTRAIN sector, according to various intervention schemes: through validation tests, qualification and approval but also by the design of test solutions dedicated to the testing of their equipment and systems.
Since 2020, EMITECH has had hydrogen facilities in the pilot laboratories of the Rhône Alpes region (EMITECH Laboratory in Chassieu for EMC and electrical tests; ENVIRONNETECH Laboratory in Bourgoin Jallieu for mechanical and climate tests) These laboratories are already able to host H2 fuel cell systems and carry out validation or qualification testing campaigns. The LEFAE Laboratory in St Chamond has fire testing facilities and testing capabilities for H2 tanks.