Territorial study and project setting-up

  • Automobile
  • Fluvial
Humanity has entered a period of global ecological crisis, notably through the problem of global warming but also through air pollution, the collapse of biodiversity, resource shortages, etc. These crises are already changing our societies and we must therefore face a double challenge: to reduce the sources of these crises and at the same time adapt to the impacts of them. In this context, all public and private entities as well as individuals must seize the subject and contribute, on their scale, to avoid if not lessen the global collapse underway. Hydrogen is one of the solutions that makes it possible to drastically reduce the CO2 emissions of industry and mobility but also to facilitate the deployment of variable renewable energies. To this is added an ecological coherence because it is a range of technologies that demand little rare materials and promote the circular economy thus allowing a better resilience of future energy systems.