Specialized in the design, production and distribution of folding electric bikes

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EOVOLT is a French company specialized in the design, production and distribution of folding electric bikes.

Bringing new life to the daily life of French people by optimising their movements and making them more pleasant is our mission that is at the heart of the development of our products.

The world is changing, city dwellers want to change the way they travel and cities are being redesigned.

EOVOLT quickly adapted and established itself as the brand offering the ideal means of transport in the face of these changes with its range of folding, lightweight, powerful electric bikes with a unique design:

Discreet electric bikes once folded, easy to transport, to store in an apartment, in a workplace, in an elevator, a car trunk or on public transport.

Lightweight electric bikes with a sleek design thanks to their battery located in the saddle rod to combine aesthetics and practicality.

EOVOLT is also an environmentally responsible means of transport. Leaving your car in the garage reduces CO2 emissions, but it also gives you the opportunity to get some air on your bikes.

EOVOLT bicycles are produced in our factory in Genas in the Lyonnaise Region by a team of professionals and enthusiasts. We attach great importance to the quality of the assembly and meticulously choose the different components we use in order to offer quality products that last over time.

Available in more than 400 outlets in France and Europe.

Did you know that?
– E-bikes have been chosen as the fastest means of transport in all major European cities.
– 75% of city journeys are less than 5 km.
– 14 km/h is the average speed of a car in the city.