Secures everything in transit™

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Forankra designs and develops customized products and solutions in the areas of docking, lifting and optimizing loads throughout the supply chain – from the traditional tie-down strap to the most advanced safety systems for all types of transportation – road, air and marine.

Forankra’s expertise in securing and optimizing loads concerns all modes of transport. It applies to the entire supply chain: from the strapping of pallets in the factory, to solutions for securing cargo on board trucks, sea containers or carriers, including load optimization.

Our areas of intervention:

– Industrial enterprises
– Transport and logistics companies
– Road, air and maritime transport
– Industrial body builders for trucks, boats, aircraft and helicopters


– Wide range of products
– Large stock
– Custom products
– Fast and quality delivery service
– European dealer network


– Advice and recommendations
– Training programmes
– Testing of products and applications
– Certificates & Audits
– Thorough knowledge of standards and regulations