IBS designs, develops and manufactures lithium batteries and mobile power supply solutions.

  • Automobile
  • Véhicule Industriel
Ion Battery Systems (IBS), a major industrial power company, designs, develops and manufactures lithium batteries as well as mobile and autonomous power supply solutions.
IBS was driven by the groups Socomec and RGM, alongside its founder Éric Boudot, also supported by the car driver and entrepreneur Guerlain Chicherit.
With its innovative approach and a wide offer of available power, IBS opens up to an extensive market, ranging from craftsmen with a specific need to a site without any power supply, the humanitarian organization in a disaster zone, through the army, to feed autonomous camps, but also events, tourism, public works, etc.
For example, in a project called “e’car” led by Socomec, we are experimenting with a very restrictive application that combines performance and safety in the field of electric car racing.