Tracking and geolocation of vehicle fleets and asset bases

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  • Off-road
  • Transport fluvial
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  • Truck and Bus
Founded in 2010, GéoSolutions is positioned in the sector of monitoring and geolocation of vehicle fleets and asset bases. Our engineering and our data hosting are in France.

Drawing on its years of experience, GéoSolutions publishes its own GEOLOCPRO service and designs tailor-made solutions to facilitate the control and management of vehicle fleets: geolocation, telematics, consumption, activity reports, fleet monitoring, maintenance, eco driving…
A multi-brand solution, GEOLOCPRO equips a wide variety of vehicles, such as two-wheelers, light vehicles, utility vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, construction machinery, boats, etc.

GEOLOCPRO provides a global solution by allowing companies to know where their vehicles and assets are, with enriched data, and thus providing them with a lever to develop their performance but also secure their property.

On an economic aspect, GEOLOCPRO makes it possible, through various solutions, to monitor the condition of vehicles and control the quality of vehicle driving: maintenance, consumption, advanced eco-driving. This last system analyzes excessive behavior that is a source of overconsumption or premature wear of tires and brakes and a source of increased road risk.

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