GRDF, the main gas distributor in France

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  • Fluvial
  • Truck and Bus
GRDF is the main operator of the natural gas distribution network in France.
Our job is to design, build, operate, maintain and develop this network.
These infrastructures measure nearly 200,000 km and are the longest natural gas network in Europe: 5 times around the Earth.

This network, a key element of the energy transition, also meets the need to develop biomethane, Natural Gas for Vehicles and Power-to-Gas.

Our 12,000 employees work in 9,500 municipalities to enable 11 million homes and businesses in France to benefit from access to our network.

They provide 24/7 breakdown services, carry out technical services such as network maintenance and meter reading, handle network connections and guarantee the quality and continuity of the energy delivered, regardless of your supplier.

Our specificities in the world of French companies:
– As a 100% subsidiary of the ENGIE group, we are financially and managerially independent in order to guarantee objectivity, transparency, non-discrimination and confidentiality with respect to all energy suppliers
– We manage the gas network on behalf of the local authorities that own it
– The majority of our employees belong to the “Service Commun” shared with our cousin ERDF and therefore have double logo pay slips (like our blue cars)
– Our customers are billed by the energy suppliers who pay us the transmission tariff
– The price of our services is set by the CRE, the Energy Regulation Commission, an independent administrative authority responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the electricity and gas markets in France.

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