Experts and vehicle testing facilities for tomorrow’s mobility

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GREENMOT is a testing centre and design office for all types of motorized vehicles, from automotive to military special purpose vehicles.
The company has, since its creation, designed its own cells and test tools and now offers four climate test cells for both the individual vehicle and the off-dimensional vehicles.
The company’s strategy is structured around 3 poles working in synergy:
– The TESTING division: which designs and carries out tests on the basis of customer specifications (road tests, consumption, pollution, transmission development, vehicle comparison, others) and performs premium vehicle test instruments;
– The ENGINEERING division: which designs, assembles and installs climatic cells and test benches for customers, organises technology transfer to respond to vehicle energy changes, designs and manufactures specific products related to tests: For example, torque sensors and high-precision robotics.
– The MANUFACTURING division, in charge of the development of high-power battery solutions and the Passenger Transport Vehicle Retrofit.