We are accelerating the energy transition with the automatic connection of electric vehicles

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Created in 2014 in Grenoble by Xavier PAIN and Eric MARSAN as part of an Open Innovation device by Schneider Electric, GULPLUG puts magnetism at the service of the energy transition. After having developed innovative current sensors to reduce the energy consumption of the industry, GULPLUG today meets the challenges of electric mobility with its magnetic plug PAM! (Plug-in is Automatic with Magnets) GULPLUG! is available in two applications: SELFPLUG® and WEPLUG®. SELFPLUG® is the best charging experience a car manufacturer can offer: drivers no longer even have to think about charging their vehicle with a 100% automatic magnetic connection. WEPLUG® is a “cocharging” solution that drastically reduces the cost of charging infrastructure in public car parks by allowing the sharing of a single charging point on a very large number of parking spaces.