Combining technical expertise and commercial know-how, this highly original hybrid school is designed to meet the needs of businesses.

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HYBRIA Institute of Business & Technologies is a school created by the Lyon Métropole – Saint-Étienne – Roanne Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We offer a unique hybrid programme, combining business and technical-scientific skills, and in 5 or 3 years we train business engineers with the bicultural skills they need to practise their future profession: business engineering management. We see engineering sciences applied to the business world as an approach with very high added value. Not only for the students we graduate, who are immediately operational at the end of their course, but also for all the industries they will be working for, which face a major challenge: knowing how to sell perfectly what they know how to produce excellently. Business engineers are solution-oriented, with a mastery of scientific, technical and technological systems, which they correlate with needs and expectations in terms of uses and markets.