IFP New Energies - Research and Innovation for the energy transition and sustainable mobility

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IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a public institution, a major player in research and training in the fields of energy, mobility and the environment.
From research to industry, IFPEN provides technological solutions to the societal challenges of energy and climate, around four axes:
• sustainable mobility: developing solutions for efficient transport with low environmental impact;
• new energy sources: producing fuels, chemical intermediates and energy from renewable sources;
• responsible hydrocarbons: meet the demand for energy and chemicals in a more environmentally friendly manner;
• Climate, environment and circular economy: reducing the impact of industrial activities on climate and the environment.
In the field of sustainable mobility, through its Carnot Institute “IFPEN Transports Energie”, it provides its industrial partners with innovative and competitive products and services in three areas: electrified mobility, connected mobility and low environmental impact mobility