INGENIERIE@LYON (Institut Carnot)


  • Aéronautique
  • Automobile
  • Fluvial
Located in Lyon, Ingénierie@Lyon addresses the complex and transversal scientific issues of the future innovation of companies in the fields of sober transport, greener energy, devices for health, sport and intelligent materials.

It differentiates itself by its ability to cover the value chain from design to use thanks to its expertise in innovative materials and processes and in mechanics especially in rotating machines (design, maintenance, control, performance) and surface (friction, wear, lubrication and adhesion). The approaches are experimental and use numerical simulations.

Our Missions:
– Build an offer adapted to the challenges of industrial innovation and the challenges of the future
– Promote the skills, resources and know-how of its engineering research teams
– Engage in a continuous approach to support public-private partnership development for innovation

Our actions:
– Mobilize teams, research, resources, skills, know-how and develop synergy with Clusters, clusters, innovation mediators, Carnot to work together
– Consolidate scientific resourcing, professionalization of relations with the company
– Support public-private events and high profile conventions
– Develop major technology platforms of excellence