School of specialization in low-carbon energy and health technologies

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INSTN was created in 1956 to train engineers and researchers in the field of nuclear science and technology, in particular to meet the skills needs of the emerging nuclear industry and nuclear medicine. Its administration has been entrusted to the CEA, the main provider of expertise in the field. INSTN is a public administrative institution under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Higher Education and, because of its links with the CEA, the Ministry of Energy.

Since its creation, its orientations have evolved in response to the skills needs of companies, the expansion of the expertise of the CEA and public policies especially in the energy and health sectors. Today, INSTN is the school specializing in low-carbon energy and health technologies. It offers specialized courses and continuing vocational training to accompany the great transitions of our world. Its activities cover the following areas:

low-carbon energies (new energy technologies and, of course, largely nuclear energy) and related sciences such as materials sciences;
technologies for health in particular nuclear medical applications and imaging.
The INSTN is heavily involved in the development of training and education relating to the digital transition and more particularly in the areas of activity of the CEA.

As a provider of professional training of high level of specialization, INSTN relies on expert teacher-trainers from the CEA for 60%, but also from its large network of partners within the energy sector.