Simulation solutions for virtual vehicle development for autonomous vehicles, ADAS, powertrain & vehicle dynamics.

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We offer innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions

We know the challenges of our industry: real prototypes are available on less than half the development time and few engineers have the opportunity to test new systems in the real vehicle in advance of phase. This is what we want to change as a solution provider for virtual driving testing.

Thanks to our innovative simulation systems for the development of the entire vehicle, it is possible to perform tests with virtual prototypes in all phases of the development and validation process, regardless of the method: model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop, or vehicle-in-the-loop. Thus, each engineer can develop, apply, test and even validate new systems in the entire virtual vehicle, in accordance with our approach to automotive systems engineering.

As we offer an open testing and integration platform with the CarMaker range, we can provide our customers with individual simulation solutions. This allows you to integrate systems and components to be tested, to include our simulation solutions in your existing environment or to use them on different hardware platforms.

What makes us special and what matters to us

IPG Automotive is a reliable partner because we think long-term and look for lasting partnerships.

The increasing complexity of vehicle development makes simulation solutions adapted to customer needs increasingly necessary. At the same time, demand is increasing as globalization advances. This context is synonymous with growth for our company, not only in Karlsruhe. We want to make our development services available to engineers around the world.

As a technological leader, we are aware that our employees are the engine of our success. They make us a reliable development partner for whom sustainable international alliances are the rule.