Essence of tribology

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Kyodo Yushi Europe B.V. is part of Kyodo Yushi Co. Japan. As a recognised leader in the grease and lubrication industry, Kyodo Yushi has a dedicated team of lubricating grease specialists around the world, with a strong presence of R&D (global automotive) personnel. Here, we work on new developments, product improvements and testing in close collaboration with our customers: OEMs for automotive, bearings, precision and other industries requiring grease lubrication for their applications.

As a leader in urea-based grease technology and using the essence of tribology, Kyodo Yushi already has over seventy years’ experience in problem solving. We play an active role in root cause analysis by understanding the grease degradation process. Kyodo Yushi advises and, where possible, conducts intelligent screening tests to identify technical advantages to support fat selection. Thus, working closely with customers’ application knowledge, Kyodo Yushi offers better quality greases in response to the increasingly severe operating conditions of automotive components.

Examples, overcoming fundamental electronic requirements :

1. Contribution to CO2 reduction, using friction-reducing greases.

2. Endurance :
– Ether oil based greases for superior performance without using expensive fluorinated type greases (PFPE-PTFE).
– We have a range of bearing life testers to ensure long life in a variety of conditions;
– We can help you analyse used grease.

3. Thermal load / Thermal speed: we have developed special greases for demanding applications, such as extreme speeds and high temperatures, using our advanced formulation, materials and manufacturing technologies.

4. NVH / BSR: we have established test methods, formulations and manufacturing technologies to provide a range of low noise bearing greases as well as damping greases for various automotive components. (e.g. sunroofs, window regulators, switches, actuators).