The Laboratoire des énergies Sud Rhône Alpes or LESRA is an association that was created in July 2013.

This will is based on two findings:

+ A territory, the energy valley, marked by an important energy mix and real potential for future energy development

+ A subject really driven by a consensus of local public actors

Thanks to existing and future players (Major Groups, mid-caps, SMEs and start-ups, local authorities and research and educational institutions), LESRA is initiating a collaborative strategy, driven by innovation to address the challenges of the energy transition, to involve, federate and implement experimental projects at international level. The main themes are: storage, energy efficiency for stationary applications (Residential, Business, other) and mobility (individual, collective).

This is how all the current actors (see the members of the association) and future (join the association) have constituted a «Laboratory» platform operating as a project hotel, in order to be able to constitute a reference at European level and to study the fields of the possible.