Bicycle washing machine

  • Mobilité Active
LAVOVÉLO is an innovative and eco-friendly bike washing solution that allows you to wash all types of bikes in just a few minutes.

Its brushes and water jets are specially adapted for bike washing and preserve the most fragile elements.
The machine recycles the water it uses and allows washing, with a single cycle, more than 50 bikes. Unique solution on the market.
The detergents used are biodegradable and non-toxic.

The service is aimed at local authorities to offer a bicycle wash on public roads, as well as businesses or bicycle repair shops to offer it to their employees or customers. It is also aimed at individual entrepreneurs who can buy or rent the machine, offer the service as they see fit and pay for each wash.

The Lavovélo solution can be used across several types of machines according to the customer’s needs. The semi-automatic version requires the intervention of an operator and can be easily moved with a trailer from one point to another. The 100% automatic version works, it, in total autonomy and has a vocation to be in a fixed place. All machines are equipped with a credit card payment device.