MATELYS – Research Lab

Independant research laboratory for acoustics, materials, thermodynamics and flow

  • Aéronautique
  • Automobile
  • Fluvial
  • Off-road
  • Véhicule Industriel
MATELYS is an independent research laboratory. His expertise covers materials, acoustics, mechanics, thermo-dynamics and flows in the fields of Building, Transport (car, aero, rail, maritime), Industry, Household Appliances and Environment.

• characterizes materials and noise sources,
• independently prescribes acoustic treatments and assists the clients in the preparation of multi-functional specifications,
• conducts research projects in acoustics, thermal, mechanical and flow in porous environments,
• digests fundamental research for its partners and supports them towards autonomy in the design of innovative solutions,
• offers robust software for characterizing and predicting the vibro-acoustic properties of multi-layer complexes from original approaches (TMM, micro-macro…),
• offers turnkey measuring benches for material characterization and vibro-acoustic measurements in general.

MATELYS’s approach was rewarded in 2011 with a Decibel d’Or Research and in 2012 with the Industrie prize awarded by the French Acoustic Society.