Materials that act for the planet

  • Automobile
  • Truck and Bus
Materi’Act develops, transforms and markets unique and advanced materials with low and very low CO² footprint. With over 10 years of expertise in the formulation and processing of recycled, bio-sourced and carbon-capturing materials, aligned with the European Green Taxonomy.

Materi’Act designs sustainable products in three lines:

compounds that incorporate natural fibres (hemp) and recycled plastic;
Bio-based surface materials;
low CO² carbon fibres.
Their products have one thing in common: they must be at least 20% more efficient in terms of carbon emission factors than traditional products.

Their adaptive and predictive formulations, based on AI, find applications in the automotive industry and beyond. From waste management and biological stocks to renewable materials, Materi’act mobilizes a world-class industrial and academic ecosystem. This is how they act and can help you ACT on climate change.