• Mobilité Active
Design office specialising in ground and suspension systems

Based in Villefranche-sur-Saône, Motion Engineering is a design office specialising in the development of breakthrough innovations in the fields of sport and mobility.
From the initial idea to real-life testing, including modelling, prototyping and lab testing, we have the structure, teams and equipment needed to develop even the most complex innovations rapidly.

Backed by our experience and patented technologies, we now work with major brands in the cycle industry, who appreciate our speed of execution and our level of confidentiality.
Motion Engineering is now recognised for its expertise in the field of ground connection and suspension in particular.
Areas of expertise: Mechanics, Hydraulics, Materials, Physics, Statics, Kinematics and Cycle Dynamics.
Skills: CAD and Finite Element Calculation, Rapid Prototyping (wires and resins in all materials), Machining Prototyping, Composite Prototyping (hollow parts, high precision, carbon forging), Static and Dynamic Tests (Deformation, Stiffness, Rupture, Fatigue), Field Tests (Deformation, Efforts, Acceleration).
Current products and contracts: E18 anti-dive fork, EVO shock absorber, city bike / gravel / mountain bike suspensions, new-generation suspensions.