Equipment supplier and Integrator of the driving line dedicated to the new mobilities

  • Active Mobility
  • Automobile
  • Off-road
  • Truck and Bus
Middle size company, located in the North of France (Pas de Calais, 62), we have 20 years experience in power electronics, electromechanics and logistics, due to our historical activity of logistics center and production of inverter drives, electrical motors and geared motors. In our footprint of 15 000 sqm, with 130 employees, we are active in 3 domains :
– Mobility, by providing a complete and optimized solution of the drive line, from the power source to the driving shaft : Power Distribution Unit, inverter drive, electrical motor and mechanical transmission, with the adapted cables. Our solutions are designed for daily urban mobility (bike, scooter, motorbikes) as well as for bigger power needs (harbor vehicles, farming…) and mobile robotics (AGVs).
– Energy, supplying customized loading station, for dedicated projects. On top, of that, we are working on a circular economy with the re-use of vehicle batteries for industrial purposes.
– Industry by producing equipment or part of equipments, based on customer special request and specifications. The core of those equipments is the electromechanics and power electronics, in relation to our core business.

Last but not least, we can support the needs in logistics, using our long history and our set-up of semi-automatics, and automatics stock (semi-automatics high height pallet rack and Automatic Storage Retrieval System).