Manufactures and markets innovative electric two-wheelers

  • Mobilité Active
LMX Bikes is a French brand based in Rhône-Alpes (69) that designs, manufactures and sells innovative and high-performance electric two-wheelers since 2016.
LMX has developed its expertise in chassis-powertrain engineering and in-house production of aluminium chassis.
A new workshop with a production capacity of 5,000 frames/year was commissioned in 2022.
The brand’s ambition is to offer disruptive products in terms of performance and technology, while ensuring excellent off-road reliability. Thanks to the solid technical foundations of its two models, the brand certified BPI French Tech in 2017 regularly deploys new technologies to adapt to the uses of all its customers.

Since 2020, LMX Bikes and SPARK Racing Technology have decided to work hand in hand through a common vision: the development of technical solutions in order to meet the challenges of the small electric mobility of tomorrow.

Workshop and delivery address:
1623 avenue Henri Schneider, 69330 Jonage