Specialist in e-bike mobility solutions for individuals and professionals.

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Unique, like all the first times. Unique, like your relationships with each of your collaborators.

Unique is a Lyon company that offers, for individuals (B2C) as well as professionals (B2B), high-end electric bikes for all uses, from road bikes, urban bikes, all roads, all terrain, folding, speed bikes and cargo bikes.
Thanks to our expertise in the middle of the cycle, we can tailor each solution to suit you perfectly, from cycling to accessories and related infrastructures to maintenance and insurance. Our goal: to make the VAE increasingly accessible as a means of daily transportation. Thus, we offer each solution both for purchase and for long-term rental and we accompany you to determine the most suitable financial package for you.

An eco-mobility project in France? The Uniques team is at your disposal to develop it with you.