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30% of the CO2 emitted in France comes from the transport sector. It is therefore urgent to act!
However, the generalisation of own mobility remains complicated to date, partly because of its high cost, and partly because the supply of clean vehicles is still too limited.
It is now estimated that 1 billion vehicles are in circulation on Earth. In the face of the climate emergency and the increasingly restrictive laws that are working to implement an energy transition, will the automotive industry be able to produce and market 1 billion clean vehicles by 2050?

As our natural resources are limited, and the production of new electric vehicles is highly polluting, we must rethink the way we consume by upgrading the existing rather than seeking to overproduce.

Phoenix Mobility’s mission is to make mobility cleaner and more accessible. Since 2018, our teams have been designing and installing retrofit kits that convert existing thermal vehicles into 100% electric vehicles.

The status of mission enterprise
Phoenix Mobility is a mission company within the meaning of the PACTE Act, and has included its mission and purpose in its statutes: to make mobility cleaner and more accessible.

This mission is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goals 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and 13 (Climate Change).

Each year, an annual report assessing the achievement of this mission will be published by an independent committee. In other words, we assess our performance not only on the financial side, but also on the performance of our mission.